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2024 E-Commerce Content Accessibility Report

Online shopping: where convenience meets inclusivity—or does it? E-commerce has evolved to become a big business since its humble beginnings in 1984 when it was originally conceived to empower Disabled shoppers. But amidst its meteoric growth and widespread adoption, has it continued to stay accessible? 

Scribely’s groundbreaking E-Commerce Content Accessibility Report seeks to uncover that answer and gain insight into how well top US online retailers are meeting the needs of the Disabled community. With $13T of disposable income at stake and Disabled consumers shopping online twice as often as the population as a whole, it’s crucial to understand how e-commerce companies are (and aren’t) tapping into this vast market. 

Scribely collected data on the top 45 e-commerce businesses in the United States, from fashion and gaming to beauty and electronics. We reviewed the accessibility of images and videos at several points along the customer journey, including social media, landing pages, and product pages.

Gain invaluable insights into the state of accessibility for online shoppers and discover untapped potential for your business. Sign up below to access the 2024 E-Commerce Content Accessibility Report and unlock new opportunities.

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Product pages with descriptive an meaningful alt text

0 of 45

Instagram posts with quality alt text in a 1-month period

Less than 10

Website landing pages with quality video captions

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Gain insights into the state of e-commerce accessibility.

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Highlights from the 2024 E-Commerce Content Accessibility Report

  • How many of the top US e-commerce companies provide captions, transcripts, or audio descriptions for their product videos.
  • Factors that reduce accessibility of product pages—and therefore reduce sales.
  • Steps you can take today to quickly make your products and services more accessible.
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