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Meet Scribely

Accessible digital content created by humans for humans.

Our team of writers makes content more accessible and discoverable to help you unlock new audiences and strengthen your brand.

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Diverse group of women turn toward one another and smile as they sit outdoors on a narrow set of steps painted with abstract designs.

Your Content, Accessible to Everyone

The internet has transformed how we live and learn and do business. But as it becomes increasingly visual and audible, large populations will be left behind until accessibility measures become standard.

Scribely’s tribe of writers helps businesses break down barriers for people with vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities by creating inclusive online experiences and making existing content fully accessible. We do this through expertly crafted alternative text (alt text) for images and audio description for videos, as well as training, consulting, and remediation.

Our Services
Closeup of a person in a marigold colored sweater and bangles sitting at a desk while typing on an open laptop.
Closeup of scattered Polaroid photos, mostly of the outdoors, with the focus on images of a Mount Rainer National Park sign in the forest and a blurred shot of a person posing in a snowy landscape.

disability statistics (CDC)

1 in 5
Disabled people in the world
Cognitive Disabilities (ADD, Dyslexia)
Vision Disabilities (Blind, Low Vision)

Accessibility Matters

1 in 4 people in the U.S. identifies as having some form of disability. Many, if not most, of these folks navigate the Internet using assistive technologies that rely on accessibility standards to function properly.

Without these features, your excellent content is difficult or impossible to access and navigate. With poorly crafted accessibility, the excellence is lost, making many users’ experience with your content confusing or dull.

But with Scribely’s human-crafted accessibility, your digital content can be fully experienced by everyone. We call that a win-win.
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What We Do

From websites and social media to image libraries and beyond, let us help you create accessible content and improve your brand’s discoverability.

Aerial shot of vintage cameras strewn on a table with notebooks and film canisters. A Polaroid photo emerges from a blue camera at right.

Image Accessibility

Premium alternative text and extended description writing services for photos, graphics, artwork, and more.
Bowl of popcorn nestled in a striped dish towel beside a small potted plant and two green sprigs.

Video Accessibility

Full-service video accessibility support, including audio descriptions, transcripts, and closed captions.
Horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses rest on a skewed stack of three worn books atop gray bed sheets.

Review & Remediation

Image and video accessibility audits, and artificial intelligence (AI) alt text and keyword remediation services.
Image Description
People shaking hands as they sit around a slatted wooden table set with notebooks, pens, and electronic devices.
Overhead shot of people shaking hands as they sit around a slatted wooden table set with notebooks, pens, and electronic devices.

Training & Consulting

Accessible workflow expertise for digital media content, photo metadata management, and social media marketing.

Accessibility Community

We work with organizations and associations to drive digital accessibility standards forward and increase global awareness.

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