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Collage of assistive technology devices including OTC Hearables, Playstation's Access Controller, and Cionic’s Neural Sleeve.
Digital illustration of a person's face behind a glowing tablet device casting icons that seem to emerge from the device. The icons depict mediums of web communication, like audio, video, search, and links.
Front of the New York Times building with yellow cabs whizzing past on the street.
Shelves with dozens of artfully arranged books, some facing out and some to the side.
Laptop computer rests on a desk of a cozy home office, displaying an image next to a metadata panel in an editing program.

Medium: AI Is Terrible at Writing Alt Text

Artificial Intelligence
White robot hand reaches with open palm towards us.
Closeup on the faces of 2 women standing cheek to cheek with serene expressions.
Closeup of a hand holding up Grumpy cat making an unfriendly expression at camera.

Morey Creative: Grow for Good Podcast Feature

Image Accessibility
Microphone rests atop a desk next to a computer, notebook, coffee cup,and vase with flowers.
Laptop computer rests on a desk, screen displaying a blank white page with orange text that reads, "Join us Online."
Aerial shot of a busy city street with people moving in either direction across a sidewalk.