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Our Partners

Our partners help us create a larger impact in the accessibility space.


CurbCutOS provides a turnkey suite of compliance services that make complex accessibility projects simple and approachable. The result is clarity that gets things done, delivers scalability in accordance to objectives, and enables organizations to capture an expanding market opportunity.

ADA Insurance

Accessibility Unraveled

Accessibility experts Chad and Dax provide training and consulting services, creating accessibilitysolutions for individuals, teams and corporations struggling with usability and compliance for their digital content.

Document Accessibility

W3C Silver Alt Text Subgroup

The W3C Silver Community Group is performing the preliminary work for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0, anticipating the broader scope beyond web content, but preserving the familiar acronym of WCAG.

Accessibility Guidelines
Industry Standards


The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) is the global standards body of the news media, providing the technical foundation for the news ecosystem.

Industry Standards

C Talent at Whalar

C Talent at Whalar is an award-winning talent management agency that represents high-profile deaf and disabled artists, athletes, and influencers with the goal of changing the way the world views and defines disability. C Talent at Whalar is Scribely’s preferred talent agency for voice recordings.

Video Accessibility
Disabled Talent