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Video Accessibility

From TikToks to entire video catalogs, make sure no one misses your video content. Scribely works with video producers and providers to create and improve video accessibility through audio descriptions, closed captions, and transcripts.

Closeup of a hand holding a pencil over a notepad on a desk with a black microphone and tablet. Their other hand scrolls with a mouse.

What Makes Videos Accessible?

Audio Description

A narrated description of a video’s visual moments that plays during natural pauses in the audio track in a synchronized or extended-play version of the video.

Closed Captions

Synchronized translation of all speech and audio elements for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or those who prefer to watch videos with captions.


A written transcript of a video’s dialogue, audio, and visual moments for people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind or who prefer to read rather than watch videos.

Full-Service Video Accessibility

Our proven process includes everything you need to make your video content fully accessible.


Scribely’s tribe of writers crafts a timed script using their subject and accessibility expertise.


Script is passed to Scribely’s preferred voice-over talent partner to capture brand style and voice.


Scribely's video editing team creates a timed audio track for the original or extended-play video.


Scribely delivers the audio-described video content files to meet the client's format and timeline requirements.
Person wearing eyeglasses seated in a dimly lit room touches their hand to the keyboard of a laptop computer open to what appears to be an editing program.

Audio Description for eCommerce

Torso of a person in a white tee and slacks pulling the top of a collapsible black water bottle as it expands incrementally, then pausing before compressing it down to its compact form.

Slow motion video of a contemporary dance duet in an empty auditorium with a white stage backdrop. Dancers move in a sequence of intertwining lifts, twists, and turns, flowing gracefully through a steady and intimate rolling motion towards camera.

Audio Description for Entertainment

Music video of a man wearing a vibrant fleece coat, yellow pants, black beanie, and chain necklace, squatting and gestures towards the viewer as he bounces and sways in front of a mirror beside a silver boombox.

Four women smile and pose in front of a white backdrop. Three of the women are physically disabled, using a prosthetic leg, a wheelchair, and walking cane.

Meet C Talent

Scribely’s preferred talent agency for voice recordings, C Talent is an award-winning talent management company that represents high-profile Deaf and Disabled artists, athletes, and influencers with the goal of changing the way the world views and defines disability.

More Services

ImAGE accessibility

Premium alternative text and extended description writing services for photos, graphics, artwork, and more.

Review & Remediation

Image and video accessibility audits, and artificial intelligence (AI) alt text and keyword remediation services.

Training & Consulting

Accessible workflow expertise for digital media content, photo metadata management, and social media marketing.