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Training & Consulting

In addition to Scribely’s photo and video descriptions that help others see what you see, we also offer consulting and training in building accessibility into your processes and workflows.

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Born-Accessible Content Consulting

We believe born-accessible content —content that has accessibility built into it from the start— is the future. Scribely can help you get ahead of the curve by: 
  • Streamlining content accessibility workflows across teams;
  • Breaking down accessibility into actionable steps for WCAG compliance;
  • Reviewing accessibility of image and video software programs and providers.
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Social Media Accessibility Training

Social media is a core component of your online presence, but is your marketing team up to speed on the latest advancements in accessibility? Scribely helps your team:
  • Review existing social media image and video content;
  • Develop strong accessible content publishing workflows;
  • Understand social media platform accessibility features.
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Photo Metadata Management Consulting

As of October 2021, IPTC photo metadata standards now include alt text and extended descriptions. Here's how Scribely can help you implement the changes:
  • Train your teams on how to embed image descriptions into your workflows;
  • Review of platform and technology providers for support of the new accessibility properties.
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Learn More

Check out the articles and presentations below for tips on creating accessible social media content while simultaneously improving SEO.

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Intro to Image Description for Book Publishing - BISG

View our founder & CEO Caroline Desrosiers' recent presentation at BISG talking about the subtleties of creating accessible image descriptions for EPUBs.
Low angle shot of a woman resting her head on 1 hand as she sits at a table cluttered with books in a unkempt library.

How Publishers Can Get Alt Text Right - Bill Kasdorf

A great piece on the progress we are witnessing in accessible publishing and using IPTC photo metadata to manage and distribute image descriptions on the web.
Low side angle of a person seated at a desk in a bright home office space. They working on a laptop computer showing a gallery of images.

How Can Social Media Improve Your Website’s SEO?

How to use social media marketing to boost SEO and attract more customers to your brand or business. Hint: It all comes down to keywords, clicks, and usability.

More Services

IMAGE accessibility

Premium alternative text and extended description writing services for photos, graphics, artwork, and more.

Video accessibility

Full-service video accessibility and production support, including audio description, transcripts, and closed captions.

Review & Remediation

Image and video accessibility audits, and artificial intelligence (AI) alt text and keyword remediation services.